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Simple Ways to Beat the Heat

The dog days of summer have arrived, so what do you do? There are many things to do to beat the Arizona heat as temperatures rise. Here are a few simple ways to keep cool this summer.

1. Lounge in the pool. Having a pool in Arizona is a huge advantage in the summer time to stay cool.


2. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water, more if you are working outside. Water anyone.


3. Salt River Tubing is a very popular activity. Floating down the cool river is both refreshing and fun.

4. Frozen Treats. Everything from ice cream to frozen adult beverages, these can help you keep cool whether you are lounging in the pool or on the patio.


5. Waterparks. There are so many to enjoy in the Phoenix area and some even have outdoor movies.


6. Binge watching your favorite show indoors in the nice cold air condition with a refreshing drink and popcorn, and snuggled up with your pets if you are like me.


7. Indoor attractions such as bowling, movies, and the aquarium, or even an indoor trampoline park.

8. Grill. Who wants to cook over a hot stove or oven that just heats up the house? Nobody, so grill out. You can make so many healthy dishes on the grill, or a nice juicy hamburger. Now I’m hungry.


9. Go to the lake. There are several lakes in the area to visit, and the water feels so good to jump into.  Remember most lakes do require a pass, so make sure you pick one up before heading to the lake. You can even rent boats and jet skis.  Don’t forget to grab your hats and sunscreen.


10. Read a good book. Stay indoors, where it’s nice and cool and read a book either at home, the library, or local café or join a summer reading program.


                These are just a few ways to beat the Arizona summer heat, but remember it’s only a couple months then back to the comfortable temperatures everybody loves.

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