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5 Tips On Cleaning Your Pool After A Storm

                We all know that Arizona can get some pretty big storms with lots of dust and debris. Heavy rains can affect the chemical levels of the pool from all the extra water. It could even turn green or cloudy. So what do you do? Follow these tips.

1. Clean out all the debris as soon as possible. Make sure you also empty the skimmer and pump baskets of debris. This will help the filter continue to remove debris from the water. Check the filter to make sure it’s working properly. If the pressure is high, the filter may need to be cleaned or backwashed.


2. Brush and skim the pool. Brushing the dirt from the sides toward the main drain will help prevent any staining. You will want to remove as much debris as possible. It may be a good idea to mani-vac if there is a lot of dirt and debris.


3. After a storm, algae and other materials can be in your pool so you may want to shock it. This will help it remain sanitized.


4. Running your pool for an extended amount of time is recommended. This will help filter and remove the dirt that was stirred up by brushing but also filters any dead algae and materials that were shocked.


5. Manually test the water to see if any adjustments need to be made to the chemical levels to make sure it’s safe to swim again. If you have Cool-N-Clean Pool Care for your service, our techs check the chemical levels every week and make the necessary adjustments. After a storm, it may be necessary to check the levels before we arrive on your next service day.

We hope these tips assist you in cleaning up your pool after a storm.

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