Cool-N-Clean Pool Care
Cool-N-Clean Pool Care

Cool-N-Clean Pool Care provides reliable service.

         Cool-N-Clean provides quality, reliable service . We offer weekly maintenance and filter cleans on a regular basis.

          The maintenance is very important to your system running properly and efficiently and keeping costs down. 

      Our main objective is to make sure your pool equipment is running properly and the chemicals are balanced. Why are these so important? The system helps clean the pool, so if it's not running at it's full potential you may have a dirty pool or need extra repairs.


      We clean filters every 3 months to prevent them from getting clogged and prevent dirt and debris from going back into the pool. Cleaning the filters along with emptying baskets helps the system run efficiently and causes less repairs saving you money. Having clean filters helps circulate the water and cycle the chemicals.

Why is it important to have the correct balance of chemicals?


       The number one reason is for your safety. If you have incorrect amounts, it may not be safe for you to swim in the water. Another reason is the water could turn green with incorrect PH levels. When this happens chemicals can be added to correct the levels or the pool has to be drained and restarted.


Please leave the chemical balancing to a professional.

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